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Why Is My Car Overheating?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than heading out to the streets around Fort Collins, only to find you’re having car troubles like an overheated car. If you’re wondering, “Why is my car overheating?” It can actually be linked to several reasons. Although, the most common cause is linked to a blockage in your hoses or a leak in the vehicle’s cooling system. 

Typically, the vehicle’s temperature should stay between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you observe the temperature gauge above this range, it’s best not to drive the vehicle as it can risk injury to yourself, and lead to costly repairs. Read on with the team at Tyrrell Auto Centers to learn more about what causes a car to overheat, and what to do when a car overheats. If you have any questions, reach out to the technicians in our service department

What Causes a Car to Overheat? 

The answer to “Why is my car overheating?” actually can be attributed to a couple of different factors, but usually hints at a large issue that needs to be addressed. Let’s take at what causes a car to overheat:

  • The cooling system is leaking – This is often the most common cause of an overheating car. A leak in your coolant system can come from many components of the cooling system including the radiator, water pump, head gasket, hoses, and thermostat housing.
  • Your coolant is the issue – There are many different types of coolant geared toward the type of car you have. If the vehicle was filled with the wrong coolant or the coolant to water mixture was incorrect, this can lead to an overheated engine. 
  • The coolant hose has been blocked – If previous examples weren’t the issue, an overheated car can be the result of a blockage in the coolant hose. If you frequently find yourself on uneven terrain around Greeley, the dirt and refuse kicked up can make their way into the coolant hose through the coolant system.
  • Your radiator is causing the problem – Another common cause can be an issue with the radiator itself. Leaks and blockages can be detrimental, and if it prevents the function of the car’s radiator fan, it can lead to overheating.
  • Failing water pump – Another issue with an essential part of the vehicle’s system, the water pump, can lead to overheating. The vehicle’s water pump sends the coolant through the cooling system but can be shifted or spring a leak causing issues with regulating temperature.

What to Do When a Car Overheats

Unfortunately, you’ll most likely be wondering what to do when your car overheats when you’re already on Laramie roads. However, once the car begins to overheat, there are some quick steps you can take. If the air conditioning is on, turn it off and turn up the heat as this will take some of the heat away from the engine. 

The next step is to safely pull the vehicle over and turn it off. You shouldn’t try to open the hood for at least a half-hour after it’s been shut off. Since the vehicles shouldn’t be driven once it is overheated, the final step is to contact a tow truck service to safely be brought to a service center. If you’re near Cheyenne stop by a Tyrrell Auto Centers service center or easily schedule your service online at one of our centers. 

Explore Other Service Tips with Tyrrell Auto Centers!

Take the worry out of your car care. Whether your car is overheating or you’re interested in how to jump-start your car, the team at Tyrrell Auto Centers is ready to help. Contact us if you have any questions, or take a look at our other service tips and tricks like how to check car oil and more!.

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