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How to Use Your Honda Civic Radio Code

2021 Honda Civic dashboard
If your Honda Civic resets due to a jump start or theft attempt in Greeley, you may lose access ot your radio features temporarily. So, what do you do to restore your Honda Civic radio functions? Input the right radio code. Find out the simple steps to finding and entering the Honda Civic radio code, and get back on the road in no time!

Where Can I Find my Honda Civic Radio Code?

Each Honda Civic has its own unique four or five-digit radio reset code, so it’s important to input the right number to regain your Honda Civic radio functions. The first place to look is the “Anti-Theft Radio Code” sticker, which may be located in any of the following locations:

  • Glovebox
  • Center Console
  • Auto Service History Log
  • Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card (Newer Models)

Be sure to count the digits of the number to make sure it’s the real Honda Civic radio code. Some Fort Collins customers confuse the five- or six-digit radio code with the eight-digit radio serial number. What if you can’t find the right code? Grab your VIN, proof of ownership, radio serial number, and try one of the following:

  • Get in touch with us at Tyrrell Auto Centers for personalized assistance.
  • Consult the Honda Online Database to look up your number at home.
  • Schedule your appointment with us in Cheyenne to solve the problem with our experts.

How Do I Enter the Honda Civic Radio Code?

Once you’ve found the right code, you’re only a few minutes away from unlocking your Honda Civic radio functions. Just use the radio preset buttons to enter the radio code digits. Be slow and careful when entering the code, because you could trigger a lockout from the anti-theft system if you make an error. But even if you do, the service team at Tyrrell Auto Centers would be happy to help you get back in gear in no time.

Get Expert Service with Tyrrell Auto Centers Today

Whether you need help restoring your Honda Civic radio function or you’re in the market to upgrade your car, Tyrrell Auto Centers is here to help. We’re located in Cheyenne, just a short drive from Laramie, so contact us with any questions. Looking for more Honda info? Discover the Honda Accord colors today!


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