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Do I Need Winter Tires in Wyoming?

Winter tire wheels using 4WD


If you’re getting ready for another cold season here in Cheyenne, you might be wondering, “Do I need winter tires in Wyoming?” While your choice of tires is entirely up to you, here at Tyrrell Auto Centers,we suggest upgrading with snow tires in the wintertime. Even if you take great care of your all-season tires, they may not offer the grip you need to handle the harsh weather conditions in the Fort Collins area. So, are winter tires worth it? Find out more below and explore the types of winter tires available with our team!

All-Season vs. Winter Snow Tires

Most new vehicles are equipped with a full set of all-season tires that are suitable for use all year long. All-season tires offer great performance in both hot and cold weather, but this versatility means that specialized capabilities are left by the wayside. Simply put, all-season tires can’t match the capabilities of season-specific tires. While all-season tires are suitable for many across the country, winter can be especially harsh here in Cheyenne, so winter tires come in especially handy. Think about it like this: would you prefer to walk through snow in sneakers or boots?

Are Winter Tires Worth It?

With locations all throughout the Greeley area, finding the right parts center to upgrade your tires is easy when you rely on Tyrrell Auto Centers. But are winter tires worth it? With our snow season lasting from October to May, we’d say winter tires are well worth the investment. Prices for snow tires can vary quite a bit based on their capabilities, so the Tyrrell Auto Centers team can help you find the right tire that offers the affordability and performance you need. 

Different Types of Winter Tires

Now that you know that winter tires are worth the price, you may be curious about which option is right for you and your automobile. Our team is happy to sit down with you and evaluate your driving habits to see which type of winter tires are most appropriate. In the meantime, review the two main winter tire options here:

Studded Winter Tires:

Wyoming is one of only six states in the country that allow drivers to use studded tires without date restrictions, giving credibility to the harshness of our winters and the need for specialized tires. But what are studded tires? Studded tires can be enhanced with optional metal studs to increase traction and handling in extreme conditions. Even without the studs, studded tires offer strong winter performance. Studded tires offer great handling if you need to traverse snowy and icy roads. 

Non-Studded Winter Tires:

Non-studded winter tires are a solid middle-ground solution for drivers who are in-between sticking with all-season tires and upgrading with studded tires. Non-studded winter tires are composed of a special rubber compound that stays soft in cold weather temperatures. That means you’ll be able to maintain strong traction and handling when the temperature drops. These tires also are equipped with unique tread patterns that optimize grip through ice and snow. 

Turn to Tyrrell Auto Centers for All Things Automotive

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Do I need winter tires in Wyoming?” you can adapt to each season with ease. Tyrrell Auto Centers has locations all over the Laramie area, so a reliable car care team is never far away. Simply visit your closest Tyrrell Auto Centers service center and our team can help you get your ride prepped for winter! Contact us today for more information.

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